At MyCar we have a huge range of brands and products on show including CD/DVD Players, iPod integration solutions, Navigation and Bluetooth, speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers. Plus phone accessories to suit most popular models, antennas (to increase your mobile/internet reception plus UHF and AM/FM), patch leads, brackets and all those “hard to find” items that nobody seems to stock!
It’s difficult to list a full range of products and services we offer, there are just too many! We’ve had a think (yes, we sat down first) and listed some of the services we provide, by no means is this a comprehensive list. Just remember – if it’s designed for a car or is related to your mobile phone or internet we’ll have a solution to make your life easier!
If anything below tickles your fancy, have a look on our online store, we have thousands (yes, literally thousands) of items available to purchase. If you’ve got any queries, head to our contact page and send us a message by any means that works for you!

Solar, Power & RV Solutions

Anderson Plug

Charging solutions come in many different shapes and sizes. One of the most common is the Anderson plug. They are simple and extremely effective! We can supply and install these at MyCar. We have many different sizes and colours of plugs, designed for specific purposes. Contact us today to discuss your charging requirements!

Electric Brake Controllers

Gone are the days of brake controllers that get in the way of your knees! The latest units feature control boxes that are hidden out of sight under the dashboard, leaving only an LED light and the control knob exposed. We use and recommend Redarc controllers at MyCar. The latest EBRH-ACC features both solid state (for off road control) plus inertia (best for highway/city cruising) built into the one unit. Both control types have advantages. Solid state is great for off-road as you can set the amount of braking you require regardless of the vehicle’s position. Inertia is fantastic for normal driving. The harder the tow vehicle brakes, the harder the controller applies the trailer brakes. Conversely, when stopped in traffic, the trailer brakes are backed right off, meaning a longer life for those precious trailer brakes!


DC Charging

DC (alternator) Charging is a hot topic at the moment. Why do I need an extra charger in my RV? Well, chances are, if your vehicle is newer than 2011 your alternator will be controlled by your vehicle’s computer, meaning it won’t output a consistent voltage. This varies greatly with the type of vehicle you own. Before deciding on your charging requirements contact us to discuss your options.

Battery Isolators & Dual Battery Setup

Isolators come in various shapes and sizes. The simplest form is a solenoid which is switched by the vehicle’s ignition or accessory input. These are fantastic for ensuring your RV battery doesn’t flatten your vehicle’s battery. There are more advanced units which monitor the voltage of the vehicle’s battery and switch off once the voltage gets below a certain level. These are excellent when combined with a DC Charging solution as the RV battery will obtain that extra little bit of charge we are all chasing! We also have isolators that are designed to turn off all appliances connected to the battery. This prevents premature failure of the battery due to excess power drain. Whichever solution is right for you, we can point you in the right direction!


Solar Power

Planning a trip off road? Will you be travelling away from a power source? Solar power is one of the best ways to ensure your battery bank stays charged for as long as possible! We’ve organised systems from a 20watt trickle charge, to full blown 600watt charging behemoths! The first question you need to ask is “What am I trying to run”? If it’s just a small fridge, an 80watt panel might be enough to keep the battery running for a couple days. If you just want to charge phones, or live ‘off the grid’ we can tailor a solution to your needs! Remember, we are a Redarc Solar Approved Installer! If you are not sure how well your system is performing, give us a call. For a small fee we can test your charging system and make sure it’s performing at it’s best!


240v Inverter

Inverters are a double edged sword. There are many different types and they all have a specific job. Unfortunately they can be INCREDIBLY power hungry. If there’s a device you ne to run while you’re away from a power source, your best option is to look for a 12v alternative. For a laptop or phone charger for example, it will be much more efficient to use a cigarette lighter alternative. Even things like CPAP machines, TVs and heaters have 12v alternatives. If you choose to use 240v, you need to ensure you have adequate battery power to run the device (we can help with those calculations). Please note anything which is computer controlled or keeps track of time will need a ‘Pure Sine Wave’ inverter. Simple electric motors such as drills, grinders etc will only need a more basic ‘Modified Sine Wave inverter which will be more cost effective. For more details feel free to get in touch with us!

Break-Away Controllers & Monitors

Does your trailer have a GTM (fully loaded weight) in excess of two tonnes? If so, you need a break-away controller and monitor fitted to your vehicle in order to be compliant! These units are designed to apply the trailer’s brakes if it separates from the vehicle. The tow vehicle is also required to charge the controller which is located in the trailer as well as monitor the battery’s state. Depending on the rego inspection station, they may pass your trailer without these fitted. The downside is, if you happen to have an accident and you’re trailer/vehicle isn’t fitted with these units, the insurance company may refuse your payout! If you need advice on the best controller/monitor don’t hesitate to call us.

Caravan, Trailer & Motorhome Solutions

There are many different options available in order to customise Caravans, Campers, 4WD’s or Motorhomes. Chances are, we’ve seen it before and know how it works. Quite regularly we see vehicles that have inadequate equipment or incorrect product altogether! We pride ourselves on designing solutions which are not only reliable but extremely easy to use and exceptional value. Let’s face it, when we’re on holidays, we just want to know that the beer is cold and the BBQ works! Feel free to email us or call to discuss your needs.


Safety & Security

GPS Tracking

Mobile GPS Tracking units range from personal units the size of a matchbox, to full in vehicle units allowing monitoring of temperatures, speeds, RPM, vehicle driver or business/private use switching and many other options. Units can feature different inputs such as a duress button for staff safety, or a switch input for use with almost anything! We’ve connected these to door pins, to confirm when security staff exit a vehicle, garbage bin lifts, PTOs, trailer tippers plus many more! Navman Wireless is one of the most popular manufacturers in Australia and our installer is qualified qualified Navman Wireless technician. Did you know that for a fixed price each month, Navman Wireless will provide you with a ‘tracking cube’ for your vehicle, software plus installation? No fees up front means better cash flow for your business! For a demo on how it all works, get in touch with us today!


Reverse Cameras

It wasn’t too long ago that reversing cameras weren’t even heard of! Today they’re a standard occurrence. We can integrate a camera into the screens of many vehicles, giving that ‘factory fitted’ look. For those not fitted with a screen, we can add one, either by replacing the stereo with a DVD headuint or a replacement/add on mirror. Both of these solutions are excellent value, giving crystal clear views to the rear of the vehicle, not to mention up to 185° viewing angle! This allows vision to either side of the vehicle, perfect for those tight car parks where you are unable to see who is coming. We also fit cameras to caravans, horse floats, trucks, tractors and even a bobcat! If your vision is obscured, we’ll have a camera to fill the blind spot!

Alarms & Central Locking

Most new vehicles come with both central locking and remotes. If you’re caught out in the rain, fumbling for keys or you’d like the peace of mind of an alarm, we have got the best solutions available on the market. We use Mongoose and Viper security. Mongoose make fantastic alarms & keyless entry with replacement remotes still available for units manufactured over 10 years ago! Viper are the specialists when it comes to integration. They have smartphone apps allowing you to lock, unlock and start your vehicle from virtually anywhere in the world, they certainly set the standard for integration!



We’ve been amazed at the rapid development of LED lighting, so much so we’ve developed our own range of NiteLite LED Lighting! They are simply fantastic. We have a MASSIVE selection of LED, HID and Halogen lights available at MyCar from several different manufacturers, including Narva, Great Whites, Big Red and NiteLite. For hilly terrain we highly recommend an LED light bar. They have an amazing spread of up to 70° either side giving you fantastic vision off the side of the road (where the wildlife jumps from)! Their low profile and solid mounts mean they are extremely robust and will last for years! If you’d like to see how the most popular lights compare, check out our Flickr photo page. We’ve headed out into the dark and photographed the best available! Check here to check it out



Handsfree phone cradles

Let’s face it, it’s downright dangerous trying to use your phone whilst driving. We’ve seen drivers doing it and know how frightening it can be. We have a range of cradles to suit just about any phone on the market! We even have cradles that will fit your phone whilst it’s still in its cover. We test all major brands once a new phone comes onto the market, Strike, Alpha, Bury, Carcomm, we use them all. Depending on which phone you have, we’ll know the best cradle to suit your needs. With over 10 years of installation experience, we’ll be able to fit a cradle to your vehicle and it will not leave a trace it it needs to be removed when vehicle is sold!

UHF Radio

If you’re looking for a basic UHF CB to use every now and then or a fully integrated, remote microphone system, which records transmissions for you to play back (just in case you missed the start of the message). We have a full selection of Uniden and icom radios, all setup in our display cabinet for you to see exactly how they work! Whether you need a handheld, mobile unit or a full blown private repeater system, we have it all covered. We can even organise AMCA licences!



At MyCar we specialise in getting you the best possible coverage no matter where you are! We stock all the major brands, including RFI Wireless, Mobile One and Strike. If you have poor mobile reception, or need access to wireless internet, we have the solution for you. We have a huge selection of antennas, including Phone, UHF, GPS, Wireless Networking, and CB Antennas as well as patch leads and CelFi Mobile Repeaters. Come in or give us a call and we can show you the antenna which will bes suit your needs!


Audio & Visual

Marine Audio

From Kayaks to Jet skis, fishing boats to yachts, we have the marine solutions for your needs! Fusion Marine Audio is a market leader and has won many awards, including the NMEA Technology Award! With their super sleek headunits, which are fully waterproof (360° IPx5 Standard), to their excellent range waterproof speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers, the Fusion Entertainment range needs to be heard to be believed!


Rear Seat Entertainment

Entertaining the kids on those long trips has never been easier with Alpine & Mongoose Rear entertainment solutions. IR (wireless) Headphone, FM Modulator (so you can listen to the movie though the car’s FM radio) and Buttonless play, mean easy, stress-free travel with the crystal clear with LED LCD screens up to 10.2″! Alpine set the benchmark more than 4 years ago with their roof folding screen and still remain the leaders in this field!



At MyCar we stock many major brands of Tuners including Alpine, Kenwood and Fusion. Many features are available in the latest models including MP3/WMA/AAC/USB/iPod/Android Support, Bluetooth phone connectivity, Remote control, RCA Pre-outs, Subwoofer Control, and voice control. Use our contact page to get in touch. We’ll ensure you get the best unit at the right price!


In-Dash Video & Navigation

The last 12 months have seen exponential growth in the popularity of in-dash screens, pushed by prices deceasing to the point where they are no more expensive than a standard CD player. With screen sizes from 6.1” all the way up to a massive 9” (that’s iPad sized) with units featuring reverse camera display, touch screen phone controls, iPod/iPhone control, Apple CarPlay, Android and Android Auto plus DVD and all the usual features you’d expect…